Manage all your items in one place
No more struggling to find paperwork for an insurance company. No more fighting for warranty claims. Everything in one place.
* Only available for download in South Africa (ZA) for now. Stay tuned!
Why choose StockBox?
StockBox offers countless features that allow you easy access and tracking of all your possessions
A personal asset inventory at your fingertips
You can add as many items to your inventory as you own, easily accessible from your phone or computer!
All your item documentation in one place
You never need to scramble through years of paperwork to find the necessary documentation, it’s all together safe and sound on your StockBox dashboard
Invite users to shared groups
Some items are owned by multiple parties; StockBox makes that easy to manage!
Easily compile item reports for insurance purposes
StockBox allow you to pull realtime reports on all your items
How it works
Getting started with StockBox couldn’t be easier!
Sign up
Create an account completely free! We just need a few details to get you started.
Take stock
You can start adding your items immediately, including photos, warranty and insurance documents.
Rest easy
If something ever were to happen to your possessions, you can rest assured that everything needed is in one place!
Additional features
StockBox offers a safe environment for you to keep track of everything you own, enables you to buy and sell on the Marketplace and even request valuation and maintenance from trusted service providers!
Quick Stock
If you’re crunched for time and just quickly need to add something to your inventory before you forget, Quick Stock has your back!
Manage insurance policies
All your documentation is kept in one place for easy navigation to finalise any claims
Sell or buy items on StockBox
StockBox Marketplace offers a whole world of items to be bought and sold in a safe environment!
Request maintenance
Get in touch with experts to perform maintenance on items that need it
StockBox Marketplace
Safely buy and sell assets through Marketplace with either cash or card payments which are secured with Escrow. Take full control of your purchases and sales with price reservation, valuation and rating systems!
Request valuation
Experts verify that prices on Marketplace are similar to those of similar items
Pull history reports
View the full history of an item to get all the details about its performance and state throughout its lifetime
All warranties and proof of payment
All your paperwork stays in one place; no more scrambling to find them!
Safe to use
Our platform is carefully maintained to be a safe environment for anyone to use
Secure payments
We ensure that your payment information stays confidential
Do you own a business?
StockBox now has StockBox for Business, specifically designed for business with the same features as your personal StockBox!
StockBox is trusted by many companies
Sign up today to join the many companies who trust StockBox with their asset management